The pace and instance of change are increasing.  Business-as-usual (BAU) is quickly becoming Change-as-usual (CAU).

Change is inevitable and is no longer limited to projects – good change management strategies are organisation-wide. As the pace of change increases, so does the need for adaptability into your organisation’s culture.

Our Change Managers are industry-focussed, experienced and use a light-weight approach grounded in industry-standard models and practices.

Texture will help you transform your organisation from BAU to CAU. And it doesn’t need to be difficult. Our Change Managers provide sensible, practical and tangible tools and techniques that will create an environment that monitors and sustains the capability of the organisation.

Many of our consultants have worked in or with your organisation previously. The breadth of our knowledge and depth of our team, provides extensive, unrivalled knowledge of your people and systems. We provide better collaboration and understanding of your problem space.

We turn Change Strategy into tactical action – by starting with a change strategy that values execution.

In Change Management, it is not uncommon for there to be a gap between the Change Management strategy and execution. This often results in this common change anti-pattern:

  • The change manager writes a change management strategy
  • The delivery team misunderstands change management and misplaces it as “just training”
  • The delivery team engages late with the change manager to focus on product delivery
  • The people and process changes are delivered poorly
  • The change is poorly marketed, supported and adopted

Our approach to change values the execution of the change strategy as part of successful delivery. We seek to understand your problems and where you are on your change journey, to successfully develop a strategy for your unique problem while understanding the risks to a successful delivery.

By understanding the identified risks before we start planning, we will avoid pitfalls and protect against potential impacts. Our change strategy and plan will naturally mitigate these risks and is grounded in industry-standard models and practices.

No matter how well you plan, there will always be unknowns. Effective decision-making quickly becomes an integral part of delivery.

We provide practical and effective change management products that make sense to your delivery teams to deliver self-sustaining capability. The delivery team become the arms and legs of your change. Through inclusion of our change management products, your teams will not just deliver product, but self-sustaining capability for lasting change and greater benefit realisation. We will:

  • collaborate with the delivery team’s capability owner.
  • work backward from the delivery team’s product adoption go/no-go criteria.
  • identify tangible, sensible and practical products needed to meet the adoption go conditions.
  • collaborate with the capability owner and delivery team to integrate the change products into the product delivery plans.
  • ensure the people and process changes are delivered as part of the product delivery to deliver capability.
  • create a strategy that can be well marketed, supported and delivered as an active and self-sustaining organisational capability.