Texture’s Project Delivery Consultants know that project management is not just about being organised. The personality traits of Texture’s project managers are like those of a successful entrepreneur: we set and communicate a vision. Your vision. We take responsibility for outcomes; we lead, and we drive a team to achieve success. Texture Project Managers do whatever it takes for the project to succeed, especially when that means taking on cross functional roles within the project team. It is normal for our PM’s to fill a second and sometimes third role within a project when needed. This could be as Agile Scrum Master, Business Analyst, Change Manager or Test Analyst.

Not everyone makes a good project manager, because the best project managers have cross-functional skills combined with a solid work ethic and a genuine affinity and love for people and positive, functional relationships. We believe that team leadership skills and an ability to engage, motivate and form great working relationships with people is the difference between good and great project managers.

Texture PM’s are qualified, experienced and highly capable implementors of methodologies and frameworks such as Agile, Waterfall, Lean, Six Sigma, Prince2 and the PMBOK. Our people know how and when to apply a given methodology or framework, and when not to (which is just as critical). When a combination is needed, we’re ready to do so flexibly to best serve our client with their project objectives.

The unique offering from Texture is that our PM’s are part of their own Community of Practice (CoP) while also receiving monthly professional and personal mentoring via our unique Active Delivery Support (ADS) system. Through our CoP and ADS, our PMs apply themselves to continuous learning and experience sharing on challenges in projects around process, as well as discussing models to get the best out of our teams, using knowledge gained through scientific research such as the SCARF Leadership Model, and the Tuckman Model .

Our consultants are active in and certified through the Australian Institute of Project Management. We seek and retain the best Project Management talent in the IT Industry and then support them to continue to improve their skills and grow their experience.

By providing all of the above, Texture drives real and measurable value into our client organisations so that projects managed by Texture Consultants succeed in delivering your desired outcomes more often, at the highest possible quality.

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