Our Scrum Masters are certified, industry-focused and experienced.

A key part of the Scrum Master role is removing impediments preventing team delivery. This can be difficult to do effectively from within traditional organisational hierarchies.  A Texture Scrum Master sits naturally outside of this hierarchy.  We then employ consulting skills to create direct conversations at the root of the impediments. This results in more effective impediment removal than traditional management escalation paths.

Put simply, Texture Consultants know how to remove the blockers to project progress and delivery.

Our Scrum Masters know the Utilities, Mining and Defence industries, so they can pre-empt challenges specific to your sector.

Furthermore, our consultants have past experience in your organisation or industry. We know your people and your systems – leading to better collaboration and understanding of your problem space.

We start with a focus on Agile adoption. We employ practical principles and methods to all our Agile engagements that address real complexities, for a less encumbered, more effective delivery.

Our Scrum Masters advocate and support the Product Owner.  We assist the Product Owner in establishing the right start for a successful delivery. A “Plan and Start” approach is effective in a greenfield environment, but within an established organisation with complex system integrations, a more considered approach is recommended.

We prevent impediments first and remove impediments second. We start with understanding your problems.

Our Scrum Masters believe in using the knowledge of risks to design an approach that protects the delivery against the impacts of the identified risks. Trying to consider all the risks in every decision is paralysing. Failing to consider risks in decision-making can weaken the approach and make delivery susceptible to the known risks. Texture Scrum Masters employ the appropriate Agile techniques that keep your strategy at the forefront of your team’s thinking to support effective delivery, along with dealing quickly and effectively with project risks and issues as they arise.

We employ techniques for better on-going decision-making, as well as providing coaching that extends beyond just Scrum.

Our Scrum Masters have a broader knowledge of the sister communities of Agile and Scrum. We can assist your Scrum teams adopt your DevOps, Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment and Test Automation capabilities for more effective delivery.

Support the team with an empathetic, servant-leader approach to foster self-managing, self-organising teams.

Understand the problem before trying to apply a Scrum solution.

Promote adherence to the Scrum framework and principles through a consultative approach.

Facilitate ceremonies to ensure team communication and rhythm, the exploring of impediments and the maintaining of focus on team goals.

Educate and coach the Team, Organisation and Product Owner for a shared understanding of Scrum and how it is applied to solve your problems.

Collaborate with Change Manager as a change agent for Scrum and product adoption and sustainability through collaboration.

Serve to remove impediments by applying consultative skills to work at all levels of the organisations.

Protect the Team and the Sprint by acting as the conduit between the Team and the organisation to ensure the work being done is the right work at the right time.